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Simon Iddol - AUGUST mix [download SoundCloud] 
01 Say Lou Lou - Instant Crush (Daft Punk cover)
02 Phil RetroSpector - People Drive Strange (The Doors VS Kavinsky)
03 Kasper Bjorke - TNR (Superpitcher Chapter A remix)
04 Etienne De Crecy - Hashtag My Ass
05 Kiwi - Gerenuk
06 Rhode & Brown - Issues
07 Jad & The Ladyboy - Hey Sisters
08 Purple Disco Machine - Musique
09 Body Language - Feel It
10 Alex Metric - Heart Weights A Ton (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
11 Jake Bullit - Pain Killer
12 Munk - Happiness Juice (extended club mix)
13 Roach Motel - Wild Luv (Junior Style 2014 mix)
14 Claude VonStroke - CaliFutur 

Just in time for an AUGUST mix ;) this is the silliest, the most chilled and probably the happiest episode of my 2014 music diary.

This is not an EDM or a main room commercial dance mix, tempo / mood changes and weird shit might happen.


My STAY IN BED SUNDAY MIX was picked as one of the best mixes of the ‘Mix To Win’ TRAKTOR Mixcloud competition and I won a TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1.

I’m really really happy since its was a really popular contest and iPad DJing is in my focus now for a while.

I made a new mix to celebrate, following the vibe of the previous one, it was recorded live in an unusual place to mix.

Simon Iddol - MORNING TRAIN mix
- played and recorded LIVE on iPad with TRAKTOR DJ -

#01 Rodriguez Jr. - Aldebaran
#02 Krisp - Mamani Vice (Dude Skywalker remix)
#03 Bag Raiders - Nairobi
#04 Giorgio Moroder - Giorgio’s Theme
#05 Sandeman - Ice
#06 Anna Lunoe - Bass Drum Dealer
#07 Radio Slave - Don’t Stop No Sleep (Belooshi’s Bill Clinton in Detroit re-edit)
#08 Borrowed Identity - You Will Know (intrumental mix)
#09 Chet Faker - Gold (Jad & The Ladyboy edit)
#10 Mono Life - Get Free
#11 Sweatshirt - Unicorn (Nils Hoffmann remix)
#12 Galaxians - Skydive
#13 Superlover - Steam
#14 Sebastian Mullaert - Chant de Paris
#15 Robinn - The Game Is Now Over (Lukas Bohlender remix)

duration: 59:01 
tools: iPad Air + TRAKTOR DJ + headphones (no soundcard, no contoller, no postproduction - 100% LIVE)
location: on a really early morning train somewhere in Hungary

Simon Iddol - morning train mix (LIVE) by Simon Iddol on Mixcloud

currently retired

I decided to put the Simon Iddol project on hold for a while.

All of the Simon Iddol tracks, mixes, videos and social account content been deleted. If you wanna catch up with me visit MOARRR, this daily online magazine is in my focus now. MOARRR is the new name and the new format of AudioPorn Central.

If I find inspiration again, Simon Iddol will be back, but don’t hold your breath till then.

I’m available for DJ and conference/workshop bookings on a very limited basis, basically if I really like a request I’m happy to play or speak at your event.

See ya on MOARRR daily!





Simon Iddol started blogging and producing mashups incognito in April 2006, as the mysterious DJ from Vatican City, represented by a hand drawn cartoon angel only. For three years no one in the whole world had any idea who was behind the mask. During this ‘Vatican Years’, Simon Iddol became one of the key figures of the mashup scene and culture and the most influential music blogger of Eastern-Europe. Two of the most important mashup websites are his works, MashUpTown (co-owner fall 2006 - May 2007) and AudioPorn Central (founder August 2007 - present). Simon Iddol made his name in the mashup scene with the WHA!? compilations, a bimonthly virtual compilation series containing the best mashups, and special mashup albums with different themes. He was the producer of 18 mashup complations, most of which were posted on many blogs and gained huge internet hype as well as resulted in various viral videos with over 2 million views on YouTube.

His most famous brainchild is the notorious music blog AudioPorn Central, which is one of the TOP10 music blogs of the world. It was voted as the 2nd best blog on the BT Digital Awards People’s Choice 2010. It was chosen as a featured blog on both Typepad and Fairtilizer and has since become an international blog network. APC is a creative gang of DJs and producers from all over the world. Apart from blogging about music daily, the APC Family regularly creates cutting edge mashup and remix compilations and mixtapes, e.g. the bastardized version of The Young Punx’s 2010 album. But the members of the APC remix team are also working individually on various official remix projects for many artists.

Simon Iddol took off his mask in late 2008 and started to DJ as the ambassador of mashup culture and audioporn. He played in various European cities, big clubs and festivals. As he says: “I believe that mashup culture is the driving force of the evolution of pop music these days. This is the new revolution and its changing the ways we produce, release, sell and listen music. The so called unofficial mashup culture brings artists together from different styles and from different parts of the world. It’s completely changing the game.” And he is a man who walks his talk. The video of his mashup ‘Lollibon’ was premiered on FADER, his mashups have been played in many radio stations all over the world, he has made guest mixes for the National Radio of Spain and so on.

Simon Iddol regularly gives presentations and workshops about mashup / remix culture, the present and future of music in the digital age and he also helps and educates artists on how to optimally use the internet for promotional purposes.


made as +VAT (with modul aka mango) and as Simon Iddol

- Giorgio Moroder vs +VAT - E=MC2 (+VAT Relativity Mix) - MB DISCO, 2012
- Analog Cuvee - Tulipan (+VAT remix) - Mamazone Records, 2011
- Caan - Into The Night (Simon Iddol remix) - Camouflage Recordings, 2012